Would you like fries with your chips?


Over the years, I have made many friends online, from different countries.  My sister refers to them as my ‘virtual friends’ but they are all quite real and some of them I even exchange Christmas and birthday cards with and we all chat on Facebook!   Mostly, these friends live in the USA – a place I have never visited

One of the things I find most entertaining and interesting about these friends from over the pond are the discussions we have about FOOD

This weekend we were discussing fish & chips, a traditional British dish

It all started when my American friend posted up some ‘things’ on a plate that turned out to be hash browns – they looked like little chips to me, and in a way, they were – small fried potatoes.  Not what I thought a hash brown looked like and not much like our chips either

So I posted up a photo of some chips, along with a portion of fish.  This was followed by her version of the same, except the chips were hidden under the fish and she had COLESLAW and TARTARE sauce with them…..SHUDDER!!!

Here, it is vinegar and/or ketchup.  Up North, you might get curry sauce or gravy with your chips (also WRONG) – but never coleslaw or tartare sauce!!!!  Well, ok, maybe tartare sauce if you are having fish-fingers but not with fish and chips, surely?!!

In America there is also something called ‘steak and chop sauce’ – made by ‘London Pubs’ and advertised as ‘a ‘traditional British sauce’.  On further investigation this turns out to be Daddies Sauce, or Brown Sauce.  A must with fried eggs (for some!).  But NEVER with steak or chops!!!

Anyway, it just delights me to find out these little differences in the accompaniments to the same food

It’s Sunday – I should be having a traditional roast beef dinner.  But we are having pasta instead

I’m so cosmopolitan

9 thoughts on “Would you like fries with your chips?

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  2. And just to make it more complicated here in the states, especially in the New England area, the way you approach your fries is dependent on what you are doing.
    1. at a fair, fries are salted and with vinegar.
    2. near the Canadian boarder they are with cheese curds and gravy,,called poutine… you eat these only with the best of friends because surely you will have a heart attack shortly after ingesting..
    3. side of fries, comes as a side dish at most mid level eateries and mostly at lunch. ketchup is the covering and it is perfectly normal to offer up your fries to a friend and have them eat off your plate. The closer the relationship, the more dragged though the condiment and eaten.

    Sunday dinner will consist of what ever meat is on sale at the market the Saturday before.
    That is just plain Yankee… cheers!

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