Social Networking Anxiety Disorder



I cannot access my Facebook account.  I am just getting some stupid message that my account is under maintenance and to check back in a few hours.


I’ll have started shaking by then.  Possibly even hallucinating.

Goodness KNOWS how many Scrabble games will be waiting for me when I am eventually allowed back in!

My Fairy Garden will be overrun with weeds!

HOW will people know what is happening in my life today????  There will be dozens all wanting to know just how many more words I’ve done on my thesis (not many as it happens because I’m too busy having an anxiety attack about not getting into Facebook).

And how am I supposed to write highly informative and intelligent comments on my friends’ walls??  I expect they are already sending out search parties for me…..

My dog can still get on there.   This isn’t right.  He’s crap at Scrabble and he has nothing of note to tell the world, other than how nice his balls taste.

I suppose there’s nothing else for it

I will just have to do my course work



I’m a great one for lists

I find that writing a list helps me focus, especially when I have loads of different things to do

Writing a list sets out the tasks in hand and makes them more manageable I find

I don’t actually DO everything on the lists

But I feel as if I’ve achieved SOMETHING because I’ve written the list

Tomorrow’s list is as follows:

1. Wake up (I don’t have a lot of control over this one but I’m glad to say it tends to happen every day)

2. Have wee (see no.1)

3. Switch computer on, check Facebook while kettle boils (multi-tasking)

4. Have cup of tea

5. Take online Scrabble goes (VERY important)

6. More tea

7. Shower and brekkies and dress (probably)

8. Arrange lap top and papers all ready for studying (and feel all virtuous and organised)

9. Check Scrabble goes and post up something irrelevant on Facebook wall (in case my friends think I’m dead)

10. More tea

11. Glance over at lap top and think about starting studying (I’m excellent at planning)

12. Water Fairyland garden on Facebook (well, everything was wilting!)

13. Lunch (prepared by my resident chef)

14. Study (yes, really!)

15. Cup of tea break

16. More tea

17. Check on Scrabble situation and post something else up on Facebook about how hard I am studying (people need to feel my pain)

18. Since it’s Saturday, have afternoon glass of wine and tidy up papers on table ready for dinner (job well done, I’d say)

19. Dinner (prepared by the chef again)

20. Relax after hard day studying with a nice glass of wine and a film (phew, I deserve it after all that)

Yes, lists are ESSENTIAL to make sure things get done……..