Life Laundry


That’s the title of a book I have.  Somewhere (I think it was a TV series too)

It is all about organising your life.  Or something.  I can’t be more specific because I mislaid it soon after I bought it so never actually got round to reading it

I vaguely recall it said something about sorting out stuff though, like drawers and shelves, as well as managing time more effectively and generally being a very organised individual who never has to look for a book they once bought again, because it would be on the shelf where books like that belong

Trouble is, as I said, I lost it

It WAS under the bed.  I remember seeing it there once when I was looking for something else.  But then we decorated the bedroom and under-the-bed got all organised so I can’t find anything that used to be under there now

My underwear drawer is the same.  It spread out to invade my scarf drawer and my pyjama drawer.  And sometimes under the bed

Now, I have too much underwear.  I don’t wear most of it, I just bought it because, well because I could.  Like the book.  I should sort out my underwear

I found a whole rack of clothes I forgot I had recently, in a wardrobe in my son’s room.  And before you say anything, no, he wasn’t borrowing them – I needed somewhere to put some stuff and he had a space.  That was about two years ago.  Need to organise that really

I could go on, the list of things I need to sort out is endless

I never will though  

Life really is too short for laundering

Instead I shall wake up each day knowing it will be interesting and varied.  I will start new projects and never finish them.   I will buy things I don’t need and put them ‘ somewhere’ and then forget about them

One day I will dig that book out and read it

Clippy cloppies


As I mentioned previously, I went into London on Saturday for a lovely meal.  We had a thoroughly good evening, eating lovely food and drinking lovely wine and generally pretending we do this sort of thing all the time

Anyway, the usual problem of what to wear on my feet presented itself when I was deciding what to wear

I have LOADS of pairs of shoes – a cupboard full

But hardly any I can wear

The trouble is, I have never been very good in heels.  My feet must be naturally flat because arches give me pain and the balls of my feet scream in agony if I am wearing anything with a heel more than half an inch

Obviously, when I was younger, I ignored the pain and suffered for the sake of fashion.  But, as I have matured, comfort has replaced beauty and I wear flatties all the time.  That’s not to say I don’t have some very nice flat shoes and sandals but sometimes you really do need a heel to finish off an outfit

But I just can’t cope with them.  I totter along and complain loudly that my feet hurt.  I have to drink a lot of alcohol to numb the pain (which usually results in a bit of staggering, thus making the high heels even more difficult to walk in) and the whole evening is overshadowed by the pain in my feet……I’ve more or less given up now, it’s not worth the agony

Which means I have an entire cupboard full of gorgeous, sparkly high-heeled shoes, hardly worn and unwearable.  They are simply there to GAZE at now

I also have an excellent pair of walking boots I bought earlier this year

They have NEVER been worn

Wanna buy some…..paper?


I blogged a few days ago about my paper fetish.  Well, it wasn’t exactly about that but I mentioned that I do love paper.  Paper and books and all things stationery.  I always have done.  I am an artistic soul and my love of paper comes from seeing that fresh, white, virgin space just waiting to be drawn on I think.  I love new books that haven’t been opened before and I love the feel of good quality paper.

Am I odd?

It would seem not.  Many of my friends share a love of books and not just because they like to read them.  There really is something quite satisfying about seeing books on a shelf.

I have a friend who loves to smell paper.  Well, magazines to be precise.  Although I suspect she gets off on the fumes really.  (Magazines are a  more ‘specialist’ addiction I think).  Paper, though, is so beautiful.

And what about this stationery thing?

I had it, my daughter has it, I have friends who have it – a walk round Staples or Office World is like a day out in Thorpe Park to me!  All those THINGS!  Sticky notes – staplers – pens – PAPER!!!

I know too many people who feel the same as me for this to be a minority fetish, it’s a BIG TIME addiction.  I can spend a fortune in Office World and never use half the stuff.

And as for PAPERCHASE – stationery junky heaven!!!!

I wonder if there are any self-help groups for this?

I suppose it only becomes a problem when you can’t see your desk for paper and small items of office equipment. Or your shelves are overflowing with envelopes.  Or you have too many pens (is there such a thing as too many pens?). Or maybe a big box of elastic bands you know you’ll never use.  Or Pritt Sticks.  Three of them…..


“My name is Flossie and I am a Stationery-aholic”