Wanna buy some…..paper?


I blogged a few days ago about my paper fetish.  Well, it wasn’t exactly about that but I mentioned that I do love paper.  Paper and books and all things stationery.  I always have done.  I am an artistic soul and my love of paper comes from seeing that fresh, white, virgin space just waiting to be drawn on I think.  I love new books that haven’t been opened before and I love the feel of good quality paper.

Am I odd?

It would seem not.  Many of my friends share a love of books and not just because they like to read them.  There really is something quite satisfying about seeing books on a shelf.

I have a friend who loves to smell paper.  Well, magazines to be precise.  Although I suspect she gets off on the fumes really.  (Magazines are a  more ‘specialist’ addiction I think).  Paper, though, is so beautiful.

And what about this stationery thing?

I had it, my daughter has it, I have friends who have it – a walk round Staples or Office World is like a day out in Thorpe Park to me!  All those THINGS!  Sticky notes – staplers – pens – PAPER!!!

I know too many people who feel the same as me for this to be a minority fetish, it’s a BIG TIME addiction.  I can spend a fortune in Office World and never use half the stuff.

And as for PAPERCHASE – stationery junky heaven!!!!

I wonder if there are any self-help groups for this?

I suppose it only becomes a problem when you can’t see your desk for paper and small items of office equipment. Or your shelves are overflowing with envelopes.  Or you have too many pens (is there such a thing as too many pens?). Or maybe a big box of elastic bands you know you’ll never use.  Or Pritt Sticks.  Three of them…..


“My name is Flossie and I am a Stationery-aholic”

4 thoughts on “Wanna buy some…..paper?

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  2. YES! I love the smell of a new notebook. Sometimes I buy one when I haven’t even used the last one I bought (but the smell isn’t quite as fresh). And old library books… they have a nice musty smell, like old knowledge. My hometown library keeps the oldest books out of circulation in order to preserve them, but I can ask to borrow them. One summer I borrowed (one at a time) all the quaint of books (“Tenting on the Plains” is one I remember) written by George Armstrong Custer’s widow. They smelled like historical fiction.

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