Gis a fag


It’s over six years since I stopped smoking. I was always a light smoker and had times where I didn’t smoke at all but I finally completely quit the habit when I met someone who didn’t smoke.  I must confess that for a good while after that, if I was out and had been drinking, I did sometimes beg a friend for a drag on their fag and I may even have had the occasional one all to myself but those times were few and far between and I eventually stopped even that.  So, I count myself as stopping from the point I decided to stop, with a few little blips after that time.  It’s been years since I had a drag on a cigarette and I have no desire at all to do so now.

Very rarely I get a weird fleeting memory of Player’s No.6 cigarettes.  The smell and the taste come back to me and I think it was because these were the first cigarettes I smoked, way back, as a schoolgirl on the train on the way to school.  Because then, you could smoke just about anywhere.

Thinking tonight about my lack of desire to smoke I wondered if the fact that it is less ‘in your face’ now has helped me. Well, I am sure it has, the cues and triggers aren’t there now.  The temptation has gone.  Which led me on to thinking about how going to the pub or a club is so much easier now there are no smokers puffing seductively on their fags and wafting their delicious scent around.  You have to actively seek the ‘pushers’ out now.  It’s much, much easier not to smoke.

This train of thought took me further.  It is acknowledged that there is a big problem in the UK with alcohol consumption.  We have a very high rate of liver disease in young adults and we know about all the other harmful effects of problem drinking.

So, I thought, what about if we made pubs ALCOHOL FREE, in much the same way as we have banned smoking?  Drinkers would have to go outside to a designated area for a pint or a voddie and coke.  They could stand with the smokers.  It would certainly make me think twice about drinking.

Do you think I’m on to something?



Whiskers and Malt


Last night, KD had a problem trying to get a whisky in a pub.  

No, not because they wouldn’t serve him – just because it would seem that bar staff these days just don’t realise there is more to whisky than


Anyone who drinks whisky will understand what I am saying here

Personally, I can’t stand ANY whisky but I do know that Jack Daniels is not REAL whisky.  Well, it is, but not like PROPER whisky.  For a start, it’s spelt with an ‘E’ –  WHISKEY

It’s a particular TYPE of liquor that comes under the broad heading of whisk(e)y but it isn’t the definitive brand

I am happy to stand corrected on this because, as I say I don’t touch the stuff but, it would appear that JD is not in the same league as a Single Malt  

It isn’t even the same as a blended whisky like Bells.  It’s different

Trying to get something other than JD in a bar now seems to be a mission though  

The last three times we’ve been out we have had to practically get behind the bar and point out the other whiskies on the shelf to the nonplussed bar staff

And while we are on the topic of whisky and things that begin with WHISK,

can I just say that I am having terrible problems with my WHISKERS at the moment

Women of a certain age start to sprout stray hairs from their chin at an alarming rate, I have noticed  

Well, I do anyway  

It is a constant battle to stop myself becoming the Bearded Lady

I carry tweezers with me at all times,

I have a mirror and tweezers on standby on my desk at work and I am constantly rubbing my chin to check for new growth

 Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get a five o’clock shadow but I reckon it’s only a matter of time

It’s enough to drive me to drink…….