Animal Abduction!


Last night was one of those nights again.  Around midnight, we were disturbed by our dog stirring at the sound of a cat wailing.  This went on for a bit and we were just dozing off again when the neighbour’s dog started barking.  They must keep this dog in a kennel as it was clearly outside and it went on and on and on and on

I can only assume the owner lives alone and works nights and is therefore not at home when this is going on as there is never any attempt to shut the dog up  

It is difficult to know which house the dog belongs to because of the layout of our little estate and I was on the point of getting up and walking round the block to try to establish which garden it was coming from, when another neighbour yelled for the dog to shut up.  This seemed to have some effect as the dog went quiet

At the same time as all this was going on, as if it wasn’t noisy enough, we could hear the sound of some engineering work being carried out on the nearby railway.  Well, I assume that is what it was.  Could have been an alien spaceship landing

In fact, maybe that IS what it was

And that’s why the dog was barking

And stopped so suddenly!

OMG!  Maybe I SHOULD find out where the dog lived and tell the owners that their pooch has, in fact, been 



alarm clock, bought from IKEA

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That’s the time my eyes pinged open this morning.  Again.  I seem to wake before 6.00am nearly every day now.   And, once I have woken, there is no going back to sleep again.

The time has gradually been getting earlier and earlier and if it carries on like this, I’ll be awake before I’ve gone to sleep by this time next year!!

I’m guessing it’s age related.  Or hormones, or something.

But the truth is, I’ve never really enjoyed a lie-in since I had my children.   The oldest is 29 this year so that’s a long time to go without a lie-in!!!

I mean, she doesn’t wake me up NOW, obviously.   She doesn’t even live at home.  But the legacy of being a mummy and having to get up early lives on.   And, no matter how hard I try, I cannot force myself to stay asleep longer, or go back to sleep once  I’m awake.

Well, unless I have to be somewhere first thing in the morning of course.  Then you can bet your life my body will be pleading with me to let it sleep a bit longer.

Hmmmm….maybe the answer is to book early appointments at weekends.  And set my alarm to wake me up to cancel them just before it is time to be there.

Now, where can I arrange to be at 9.00am on a Sunday morning……

A catastrophic start to the day

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Pressing a button on the key unlocks all of th...

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Well, it’s not a very nice day out there (again).  More grey, miserable, rainy weather and I am starting the day tired because the local cats decided to have a sing-song outside the window around five this morning.  Obviously, the dog had to join in and the cats were even lucky enough to have the geese making a brief appearance, just to add depth to the sound…..grrrrr

On a positive note, whilst lying there thinking hateful thoughts about cats and wishing I was asleep, I suddenly remembered that I have a spare car key.  This may not seem very important to you but, since my central locking has packed up, I am unable to fill the car with petrol. I estimate I have one more day of fuel before I’m grounded….

So, when I got up, the first thing I did was check out the spare key.  “BING BONG” (that’s the noise my central locking makes) – it works!

So, what I thought was a MAJOR electrical fault turned out to be just a dead battery in the key.

Not that I over-dramatise or anything….