Clippy cloppies


As I mentioned previously, I went into London on Saturday for a lovely meal.  We had a thoroughly good evening, eating lovely food and drinking lovely wine and generally pretending we do this sort of thing all the time

Anyway, the usual problem of what to wear on my feet presented itself when I was deciding what to wear

I have LOADS of pairs of shoes – a cupboard full

But hardly any I can wear

The trouble is, I have never been very good in heels.  My feet must be naturally flat because arches give me pain and the balls of my feet scream in agony if I am wearing anything with a heel more than half an inch

Obviously, when I was younger, I ignored the pain and suffered for the sake of fashion.  But, as I have matured, comfort has replaced beauty and I wear flatties all the time.  That’s not to say I don’t have some very nice flat shoes and sandals but sometimes you really do need a heel to finish off an outfit

But I just can’t cope with them.  I totter along and complain loudly that my feet hurt.  I have to drink a lot of alcohol to numb the pain (which usually results in a bit of staggering, thus making the high heels even more difficult to walk in) and the whole evening is overshadowed by the pain in my feet……I’ve more or less given up now, it’s not worth the agony

Which means I have an entire cupboard full of gorgeous, sparkly high-heeled shoes, hardly worn and unwearable.  They are simply there to GAZE at now

I also have an excellent pair of walking boots I bought earlier this year

They have NEVER been worn

Spider shoes


Don’t you just hate it when you have to start wearing tights?

(Men, you don’t have to answer that but you can if you wish )

I mean, when the weather turns cold enough to cover your legs but not quite cold enough for full on winter gear

The main problem is FOOTWEAR for me.

I have LOADS of pairs of summer shoes and quite a few pairs of boots but nothing really in the way of ‘in between’ shoes

Anyway, yesterday I dug out the one pair of flat shoes I have (because I am crap at wearing heels, my feet hurt by the end of the day)

And then I had to go through the bit I hate the most. The SPIDER inspection

When your shoes have been at the back of the shoe rack for a year, they inevitably become a holiday home for creepy crawlies (well, I am convinced they do anyway) and so they must be CHECKED for spiders before wearing

Luckily, none found. In fact, I’ve NEVER found any spiders in my shoes. But there’s always a first time

Do you do the ‘spider check’ in your shoes?

Or is it just me