2012 so far….


Buona Sera (practising my Italian)

Well, it’s the end of a very interesting and pleasant week.  I have taken up a new challenge , the Italian class, which has given me something to focus on and it reminded me how much I love languages and learning new things, which made me feel good.

I have had a very rewarding week at work with some lovely, positive outcomes for the young people I work with.  Which makes me very happy.

This morning, I saw the most wonderful sight on my way to an appointment.  I drove past a field of horses, probably about a dozen and possibly a mixture of ponies and horses (I’m not really a horsey person so I can’t tell the difference – ponies seem a bit fluffier to me and smaller but that’s all I know).  Anyway, I had to pull over and watch them as they were so entertaining.  They were chasing each other, frolicking, playing and just generally having fun.  I wished I had my camera with me and I will definitely go back there to take some photos or film them at play.  That made me happy too.

I have also decided to give up on going grey.  I have been growing out HALF my hair for a while now, to see what it looks like ‘au naturale’ (blimey, she speaks French too!).  When I say half, I don’t actually mean left vs right.  I have a (dyed) pink/purple fringe and I used to have dark brown for the rest of it.  This bit, I have left to grow naturally.  After several trims, it is pretty much its natural colour now.  Which is a rather unattractive mish mash of brown, grey and silver, in no particular pattern.  There are just ‘clumps’ of different colours.  It isn’t a good look.  The grey isn’t healthily glowing either.  It’s matte.  So, today I have decided to end the experiment and revert to dying the lot again.  It may not look natural but it certainly looks better than the current faded effort…..

Tomorrow I start back at the gym and get myself back on track there.  I’ve just made enquiries about a Burlesque dance class too so that may well be another on my list of projects this year.

And I get my new car radio fitted.  It has been awful with nothing to listen to other than the sound of the engine this week.

So far, I’m liking 2012 🙂

I expect I shall look something like this when I am doing the burlesque dancing…..

Accentuate the positive


I thought I’d post up a little self help blog……It’s just based on how I do it, it’s not anything more than that but, since I AM a happy person, I thought I’d share some of my secrets

1. Look for the good in everything and everyone. It’s not always easy, in fact often it can be damn hard. But, if you look you will nearly always find……believe me, it’s true

2. Turn a negative into a positive. Again, sometimes this can seem impossible. I’ll give you an example. My hubby died in 2004. Pretty upsetting, eh? But, much as I didn’t want him to, I have been able to do so many things I would not otherwise have done………my life has ‘opened up’, new possibilities have presented themselves and I have found a new ‘me’

3. Dance!! Dancing is good for the soul. It gets the blood pumping, it gets the adrenalin going and it triggers endorphins – our feel good chemical.  You don’t have to be good at it – just fling yourself about!

4. Don’t worry about stuff. Again, I know that’s not easy. And of course I worry about some things. But not the silly things or things that are out of my control – worrying about something never made it go away and it never fixed it

5. Have happy friends. They lift you up when you are down – I have loads of happy friends

6. Pretend you are happy when you aren’t. That way, people will want to know you and you will make those happy friends I mentioned above – and so the cycle will continue! I don’t mean it isn’t good to talk about your problems ever but sometimes, putting on a front helps you to lift yourself up

7. Look after yourself. Don’t neglect yourself, you will only feel worse – a hairdo, a facial, a trip to the shops or anything you enjoy. It all helps

8. Care about others. If you look out for others, not only will you realise how small your own problems are, but you will feel so much better, knowing you have made someone else feel good

9. Listen to music. It’s uplifting (well, unless you listen to Marilyn Manson/Leonard Cohen/Slipknot/Morrissey or anything by Cliff Richards)

10. DRINK LOTS OF WINE!!!! Ok, that one isn’t really a recommendation. Just a joke.   Jokes are good though, laughing is good – See the funny side of things and LAUGH AT YOURSELF!!!

Well, that’s the ‘Flossiefrufru 10 Steps to Happiness’

You can disagree and I acknowledge that these things take practise and effort sometimes but it works for me, so I stand by all of them!!!