Project365 – a challenge!


I don’t know why really but I have just not been blogging for a while now.  It started well and I thought I had found my new blog home.  But, for whatever reason, I stopped…..writers block, maybe? 

Anyway, I logged in to WordPress the other day to see the new challenge for 2012- Project365 – the idea being to pick a topic or idea and blog about it for a year.  There are some brilliant ideas that others have chosen but a whole year is a long time for one topic! 

So, my New Year Resolution for 2012 is to try and find something to write about and DAMN WELL WRITE ABOUT IT!!!

Best hurry up though…it’s the 1st tomorrow….and I still don’t have any ideas!

Although I am working on it!



Oh I can’t believe I have neglected my blog for so long.  This is the first time I’ve logged in for AGES it seems!! I even forgot my password, it’s been that long!

Truth is, my head is empty. Well, no, it’s not. It’s full.  But of pink, fluffy stuff – that’s all.

Which means there isn’t any room for words or ideas that help me to blog.

I am working on clearing out the pink, fluffy stuff but it keeps coming back and pushing all the words out again.  The ideas aren’t even getting a look in!

Anyway, don’t take any notice of me, this is just a ‘test’ post to see if I can still write anything at all.   I’ll have to build up to anything that is remotely interesting to read…..

Bear with me