Before the flame…..


Here we go again! 100WCGU


Flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am getting in quick this week as I’m off to hospital tomorrow and will probably be quite demented for a few days following the anaesthetic!  Anyway, the prompt was “The flame flickered before……”

I love this game!

The flame flickered before it went out. This was bad news. No more matches and it was pitch black. What to do? Without the flame I couldn’t find anything. Without a match I couldn’t light the flame. Hours until dawn. Still, dark and silent. In that noisy way silence has when it is dark. I didn’t even have a torch.

Not that it would have made much difference if I did have a torch. No electricity. No electricity means no internet.

EEK!! Can you imagine life without the internet? I can’t.

Goodness me!

No 100 word challenge for one thing!!!

A tale of two apples

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List of U.S. state foods

This is my second post for the  100 Word Challenge – a great idea that encourages bloggers to write a post every week, using a set format.  Follow the link for more info and join in!  (It is also my 100th post, incidentally!!!)

Anyway, here is this week’s offering:

Once, when I was in Tesco’s, I bought an enormous bag of apples.  The label on the bag said ‘Empire Apples’.  However, when I got home, I found that I had bought a bag full of YELLOW apples! Empire apples are not yellow, in fact they are rather small, quite crisp, green in colour and sharp to taste. These apples were yellow, with a pappy sort of texture and sweet in flavour. ‘This is a Golden Delicious apple!’ I thought to myself.  ‘How dare they try to fob me off like this! I know my apples!!’  What a blooming liberty!!!

The Italian Circle

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Last night I had a surreal experience.  Not my MOST surreal experience ever, but certainly for this year.

After our Italian classes finished a few weeks ago, I kept in touch with one of the girls I met there.  We had been told about a local group that met monthly to talk about all things Italian with guest speakers and, when we found out this month there would be a speaker talking about Italian cuisine, we arranged to go together.

We had no idea what to expect but I had visions of cultured, sophisticated, sociable people standing around drinking wine and munching on nibbles,  laughing and talking with maybe the odd bit of Italian thrown in.  I envisaged them being very cosmopolitan and generally, rather cool.   I decided the social niceties would be followed by a brief talk, maybe a few slides, and then some free food.

What actually happened was we turned up early, only to be greeted by an elderly couple who couldn’t have been a day under eighty.   There were a few others already there and not one was under seventy.  There was a long table, behind which the ‘committee’ were sat, offering red or white wine at £2 a glass and a couple of bowls of crispy things.  (Oh and a plate of parmesan, which was later drizzled in really expensive balsamic vinegar, and some panforte, which was actually rather delicious).

Anyway, the room filled up with more octogenarian and then one of the ‘committee’ members stood up and introduced the speaker.  He got all muddled with his microphone so there was a lot of fussing around but, eventually, our speaker began her talk.   Contrary to what I had expected, she spoke about the history of Italian cuisine, going back to the 13th century and it was actually really interesting, along with the slides of paintings she showed  to illustrate her talk.

Half way through the talk, we glanced across at the ‘committee’ table and noticed two of the old dears had nodded off, arms folded in front of them, heads bowed.  I thought my friend may get an attack of the giggles then and wondered how that might go down with our elderly friends.  She managed to contain herself however, and they slept on.  Across the room another woman was fast asleep too and an old gent in front of us looked worryingly dead.  Fortunately, he woke up later, he was just napping.

We were like fish out of water at this event.  Younger than everyone by years.  I supposed I should have known it would be full of oldies, this is, after all, the sort of thing my mother goes to and she is almost 86.

I hope I am as active as these people (and my mum) when I am that old.  It’s almost a shame you have to get that old to be able to go to these things, or so it seems…where are all the younger people, are they just not interested?  I can’t believe it.

I feel a new venture brewing……..

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday (because I wrote this on Tuesday)


My first ever attempt at the 100 Word Challenge! (The hardest bit was working out how to do all the linking!!!  And I still can’t do it. If anyone knows how…PLEASE tell me!!!!)

*UPDATE*   Thank you so much for all your advice and suggestions on here and via Twitter.  Thanks to Notquiteold, I’ve finally managed to link to the post here!

100 Word Challenge

Anyway, the word is RUBY.  Here goes…..

Our first cat was called Santa.  She was a female tabby but we got her at Christmas so Santa (Claws) she was.  Then came Pickle, a bruiser of a tom who used to look at me with contempt.  Our third cat was called Ruby.  A dear little thing, the runt of the litter and a gorgeous little tortoiseshell with huge eyes.  She would curl up in my cowl neck jumper, resting on my chest, purring happily.  She didn’t really ever grow, she was tiny.  She only survived two years, she was not really meant for this world.  

Dear little baby Rubes.