Spider shoes


Don’t you just hate it when you have to start wearing tights?

(Men, you don’t have to answer that but you can if you wish )

I mean, when the weather turns cold enough to cover your legs but not quite cold enough for full on winter gear

The main problem is FOOTWEAR for me.

I have LOADS of pairs of summer shoes and quite a few pairs of boots but nothing really in the way of ‘in between’ shoes

Anyway, yesterday I dug out the one pair of flat shoes I have (because I am crap at wearing heels, my feet hurt by the end of the day)

And then I had to go through the bit I hate the most. The SPIDER inspection

When your shoes have been at the back of the shoe rack for a year, they inevitably become a holiday home for creepy crawlies (well, I am convinced they do anyway) and so they must be CHECKED for spiders before wearing

Luckily, none found. In fact, I’ve NEVER found any spiders in my shoes. But there’s always a first time

Do you do the ‘spider check’ in your shoes?

Or is it just me