Mumsy hair


I have a dilemma

Well, I don’t really.  But I am wondering how much longer I can keep dyeing my hair pink and get away with it

I mean, I’m in my fifties now, I should be thinking about going grey, shouldn’t I?

I’ve been grey for years actually.  It is just hidden under a pink fringe and a dark brown crown.   But it is very time-consuming to keep it this way, I have to re-dye it every two weeks when the roots start to show.   Otherwise I look as if I am wearing a bizarre sort of wig

Half of me thinks it would make life a lot easier to go natural.  But then, how would the spiky look fit in with the grey?  Would I need to change the style as well?

I have an abject fear of MUMSY LOOKING HAIR

NAN LOOKING HAIR would be even worse

Maybe I should just wear a hat

8 thoughts on “Mumsy hair

  1. I think pink AND gray is a terrific look… go half way and see how it feels 🙂 oh and post some photos.
    I had a perm and decided that I would cut it all out and start over with my natural straight very thin, mousy brown hair. I now have a gray streak coming up in one spot, kind of like a witches streak. I kind of like it. now.

    • I am leaving the rest of it to see whether that develops into grey. My hairdresser had a look at the roots last week though and said she didn’t think I was grey all over, just at the front. At least I’ll save myself HALF the trouble, since I dye it myself!
      I developed a witches streak when I was 14, a very skinny one but a streak nonetheless!!

  2. You stay pink as long as you like. I love pink hair. Of all the colors my daughter has had her hair through the years, I liked it best when she had hot pink roots and black ends. It was awesome. I have never been brave enough to stray far from my dish-water blonde. I did go red once, but it didn’t work for me.

    Pink rocks!

  3. You have pink hair? Wow. How pink? Brighton Rock? Barbie? I am the greyer side of strawberry blond, but have shrunk from dyeing for exactly the reasons you describe.

    You could go along to Vidal Sassoon Academy and ask for advice. Haircuts there are only £12. I don’t know how much colour is.

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