Mumsy hair


I have a dilemma

Well, I don’t really.  But I am wondering how much longer I can keep dyeing my hair pink and get away with it

I mean, I’m in my fifties now, I should be thinking about going grey, shouldn’t I?

I’ve been grey for years actually.  It is just hidden under a pink fringe and a dark brown crown.   But it is very time-consuming to keep it this way, I have to re-dye it every two weeks when the roots start to show.   Otherwise I look as if I am wearing a bizarre sort of wig

Half of me thinks it would make life a lot easier to go natural.  But then, how would the spiky look fit in with the grey?  Would I need to change the style as well?

I have an abject fear of MUMSY LOOKING HAIR

NAN LOOKING HAIR would be even worse

Maybe I should just wear a hat