Solution focused fitness plan


Today I was on day one of a training course.  It was a therapy course so we naturally had to do some role plays.  The trainer asked for a volunteer with a real life problem that he could interview and demonstrate the model we were being taught (Solution Focused Brief therapy, if you are interested!)

Anyway, I didn’t volunteer but, as always seems to happen, I did end up being volunteered by the others.  I don’t really mind.  I am not naturally shy (believe it or not!) and I did have a problem I needed to work through.  So it was fine

My chosen issue was my difficulty in maintaining my fitness and health.  I go to the gym for a couple of weeks and my motivation drains away and I cancel my personal trainer and slip back into my sedentary ways again.  It’s an ongoing problem, and I wanted to discuss it with someone to find a solution

So this was the ideal opportunity

The conclusion was that I actually HATE the gym.   This is true.   Even with a personal trainer I can’t stick at it for any length of time

Having thought it all through with the trainer AND the group, who all became very personally involved with my issue (I have a way of doing that), the class was divided

Half thought I should stick it out for a bit longer and the other half said why do something you really detest so much?

When I go to the course tomorrow, they’ll be eagerly waiting to hear if I went ahead and did the training or not

I didn’t go

I feel so much better now

In a totally unhealthy way


10 thoughts on “Solution focused fitness plan

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  2. No point going to the gym when you hate the gym. That doesn’t mean you should give up on your quest to be healthier. Just means the gym is not the way. Think, try something else.

  3. So what’s next?
    i gave up the gym because it was never properly cleaned. There I’d be, sweating away on some machine or other noting the dust and the bits of rubbish about the place. And don’t get me started on the changing rooms and showers. I reckon it was bad for my health.

      • I could do that here!
        I went to a hula-hooping class. Great fun. then Mum went back into hospital and I didn’t pursue it. I’ve been cycling to work and back but as it gets cold and dark I’ll put the bike away again, so maybe back to the hula-hoops then.

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