365 Project – a new plan!


Yes, I know the idea is to blog about the same thing for a year but, seriously, a year of motivation posts?  If I haven’t bored everyone to death by March I think I will have lost the will to live anyway….there is only so much you can write about motivation.

So, true to form, I’m giving up!  Well, I’m not actually giving up, I’m just adapting the challenge to suit me. I have decided to stick to one theme per month, January being the month of motivation and February being the month of whatever it is I decide it will be about and so on….

I think I can cope with that, there will still be some structure to it and it should hopefully be a little bit more interesting than a whole year of me trying to find something interesting to say about motivation.

Does this sound like the ramblings of a de-motivated person?

Not at all.  In fact, I am INSPIRED!!!

Now, the question is, can I still be in the 365 project???

This is me, pondering…….

5 thoughts on “365 Project – a new plan!

  1. You did it, you pondered and figured out that each Month will be a different THEME. See when I did the post a day challenge 2011 with wordpress I would use their topics or insert my own. I never got bored. But Like you I have so many things to talk about and share that I am doing Photo’s for Project 365. The funny thing is, I don’t do them, in other words its not my thing…it is a challenge…for me…so I am taking it! Can’t wait to see what you write and I will be back to visit. ♥ Jackie

    • I did the post a day challenge for as long as I could be bothered but I didn’t ever use one of their suggestions as I have a steady stream of conciousness that flows and begs to be written about! One of the reasons I started blogging here was to show off my photos so I hope to be doing more of that this year. I may have that as a theme one month in fact.

      The other reason I started to blog here was because I felt I had lost interest in blogging on the other site I was on and I needed inspiration. This place has certainly provided me with it! 🙂

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  3. This sounds like a terrific (and reasonable) idea.
    And if you come up with a great idea for a post that doesn’t fit into your monthly theme (I had typed ‘scheme’ originally, and that sort of fits too) – then just use it anyway and make it fit anyway, by starting with a sentence like
    “While I was thinking about motivation, I saw a very cute monkey in a hat….(or whatever it is you want to write about)” … See how easily you can digress?

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