The sun has got his hat on…..


Struggling today…..

It was still dark when I got up, I hate getting up in the dark.  The temptation to stay in bed a bit longer was almost overwhelming but the need for a cup of tea was stronger so I got up.

I have to go to the bank on my way in to work today, to collect a bank statement.   It isn’t possible to print one off at home now, apparently.  Their security system prevents it.  Great if the online ordering service worked but that failed me too so the only way I can get details of MY account is to trek into town, park illegally and queue up (ok, I don’t have to park illegally but I may as well make it as exciting as possible).

The reason I have to get a copy of my statement is because on Christmas Eve, I was charged £140.60 for a chinese takeaway.

Obviously, we didn’t eat £140 worth of chop suey, there was an error when they took my order over the phone.  It should have been £14.60.  With it being Christmas, this didn’t show up until 28th and I didn’t actually check my account until 31st so I didn’t realise until then.

It has been a complete fiasco since then, to try and sort it out.  I have no receipt, just my online statement.  The takeaway said if I bring a copy in they will refund me.  And that’s how come I am going to the bank this morning.  The manager of the takeaway will be in tomorrow night so I shall go and see if I can get the money back then.  The bank has a visa debit dispute dept but, apparently, that’s no good unless you have the receipt.  It has taken me days to sort all this out with them, what with hanging on the phone for ages and departments not being open and things not working properly.

The bank is actually pretty useless…..

So, anyway, that’s what I am doing this morning, before work.  It’s light now.  The sky has a beautiful pink hue to it, which isn’t a terribly good sign….

4 thoughts on “The sun has got his hat on…..

  1. I was going to ‘like’ this post then i realized i don’t,( i’m having trouble canceling a direct debit as it doesn’t come up on the computer at the bank *uhoh* )
    My point being that i know its a pain when banks are not being helpful so GOOD LUCK xx

  2. What a fiasco! I don’t know if you read about my ongoing problems with Vodafone. Paul Gosling of the Indie is looking into it for me as I have hit a blank. I recommend him if you don’t get this sorted out quickly.
    Very motivated post I thought!

    • I’ve been rubbish at reading blogs lately so I’ve missed that. I’ll have a catch up……I think the takeaway place will come good but ‘ll keep it in mind if not!

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