Learning Curves


I’ve just upgraded my blog and changed to a new PREMIUM theme, which looked as if it had a bit more flexibility than the previous one, although I was rather fond of that

Trouble is, I’m absolutely useless at all this stuff and I’m really lost now!  

I have a blog roll and I can’t remember how to add people.  The font is boring. The pages are boring.  It all looks very untidy.

I’ve just accidentally subscribed to my own blog and I’ve lost my nice photo of the web that I had previously and it’s not on this laptop so I have to fiddle around to get it back.  Even then, there’s no guarantee it will pop up where I want it to!  Sigh…..

So, if the sight of my blog offends your eyes, bear with me, it offends me too!

My technical staff are working on the problem to resolve the issue as soon as possible and normal service WILL be resumed shortly

I hope!

I’m also still learning how to use a Mac which, although I love, is very different from a PC in a lot of ways and I’m always getting stuck (although I have just discovered how to save an image onto the Mac!)

All this is , without a doubt, the most difficult thing I have ever done

And I’m doing it all for FUN????!!!


4 thoughts on “Learning Curves

    • I’m such an impulse shopper, that’s the problem! I now think I wanted a different type of theme that can show off photos!!! Sigh, I’m such an amateur!

  1. hang in there, using a mac will be so much faster when you get hang of all this.. I have been playing with the idea of a blog facelift as well and for Breast Cancer Awareness month I changed the theme color to pink 🙂

    good luck with the transition 🙂

    • I always have pink in there somewhere, partly because it’s my colour and partly for the breast cancer awareness thing but I’m not liking the look of this so far, AT ALL!!!

      I will hang in there though, I love a challenge and I can honestly say this is the toughest challenge I’ve had yet (cerebrally I mean!)

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