Old Kefalonia


We went to visit a place called Assos yesterday.  Most of Kefalonia was destroyed by the 1953 earthquake but there are ruins dotted about.  This was the stairs to a building that fascinated me and, consequently I took a lot of photos.  There was something eery and sad about it but also something incredibly beautiful.

Send in the shirt police!!


The holiday continues and, since we are having a lazy day by the pool and just hanging around near the hotel today I thought it was a good opportunity to update my blog

We had a very good day yesterday down at the beach, 9km of golden sands and unspoilt beach, amazingly quiet and beautiful and very hot

The whole place is very quiet actually and, after a mammoth trek along the beach (well, it was for me anyway) we decided to stop and have a drink before we got the courtesy car back up into our hotel in the hills

Here, we were able to spot the Brits abroad.  You can tell them a mile off.  They will be the ones at the bar with their shirts off (men) and their pasty white flab spilling out of their bikinis (women), men with cans of lager and women usually with small children and a buggy.  Oh, and smoking

Now, call me old fashioned but I believe that swimwear should be confined to the beach or pool.  If you go to a bar or a restaurant, it is only polite to cover up all that flesh.  Isn’t it?

Looking around, everyone else makes an effort to cover up, even if it is just a beach robe.  But not the Brits.  We have to let it all hang out.  Everywhere.  Maybe it’s ok in Benidorm but it just looks so, well, chav……

Obviously, I’m not one of these Brits.  I am far too considerate to put someone off their chips by subjecting them to all my wobbly bits.  And it’s just good MANNERS to cover up, I think

There ought to be SHIRT POLICE