Checking in!

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Well, I haven’t been able to keep up my post a day for the last couple of days because I am on holiday

However, the hotel has wi-fi AND free internet, except we can’t work out where the @ is on the keyboard and the wi-fi is a bit erratic so I won’t be posting daily.  Oh, plus I am having a rather nice time without the internet, as it happens!

More on my holiday when I return I think, with photos.

For now, I’ll just say I am using my brand new APPLE MAC AIR netbook to send this.

This is probably my most expensive spontaneous purchase to date, I bought it at the airport.  I was going to get an iPad2 but when I saw this, I just melted and HAD to have it.

Thank goodness for credit cards, that’s all I can say

I had a moment of regret when I realised I could have paid for my next holiday with what this cost me but it was short-lived as this is, without a doubt, the most marvellous gadget I have yet bought

So, I may blog again while I’m here.

There is certainly lot’s to blog about…..