Draw something?


I am shocked and appalled.  Why?  Because I’ve just logged into my own blog for the first time in ages and noticed that I haven’t posted a THING since February!!  So much for the ‘theme a month’ idea!!

I am not sure what happened to be honest.  Did I run out of ideas?  I don’t think so? Time?  Oh, I never had that in the first place so can’t be that.  Motivation?  Hmm, somewhat.  I guess it goes that way sometimes.

And then there was Drawsomething.

This simple little app for the iPhone has taken over my life!  And I don’t even have an iPhone!  I have a little iTouch and you can play it on that.  It’s just a drawing game, for those of you not up to speed with the what is going on in the world of apps.  But it’s so much fun and terribly addictive.  

So addictive I had to buy an iPad.


But the drawings do look much better and I can use a stylus.  

Now, this all sounds very trivial, I know.  A silly little game on an iPad.  What good will come of THAT?

Well, I’ll tell you.  Having purchased the iPad, I discovered another app, ‘Art Set’.  This little programme allows you to paint, draw and sketch using ‘virtual’ tools and different media.  It has blending tools and it is incredibly versatile for what it is.  I’ve just started playing with it and it has totally rekindled my love of art, drawing and creating pictures.

I may have to give up the idea of a writing career/photographer/burlesque dancer and take up being an artist instead now…….