It’s enough to turn your hair grey!!!



I have grey hair.  Well, some of it.  It’s been at that awkward ‘salt and pepper’ stage for years.  I only know this because I decided to grow out my colour a while ago in the vague hope that it would suit me to be grey.  To my dismay, it was just a mish-mash of grey and brown in very uneven patches and it looked ridiculous so I went back to dying it.

I dye it myself and I use two colours.  A pinky purple sort of colour for the fringe and black for the rest of it.  I do it myself because it needs doing quite frequently, due to the stupid grey, and it would cost a fortune at the hairdressers.  I’m not too bad at doing it now, I usually do it in two stages and it looks ok.

However, I HATE doing it (that was the main reason for growing it out last year) and it is always a messy business, even though I try very hard not to let it splash…..

So, I was thrilled to discover that the product I use now comes as a ‘non drip foam’.  It is advertised as very easy to use and sounded like the answer for me.

Non drip???  Non drip my arse!!!  It’s EVERYWHERE!!!  I have a permanently dyed black fingernail (despite wearing the gloves!), black ears and shoulders, one black boob and a big  black blob on one foot.  I have tried to wipe every spot I found in the bathroom but I am dreading going back up there in half an hour.  I’m bound to have missed a bit.

And I still have the pink to do…..

My bathroom will look like a Jackson Pollock painting by the time I’ve finished!!!


10 thoughts on “It’s enough to turn your hair grey!!!

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    • I managed to get it clean in the bathroom but my ears will take a while to revert back to their normal pinkish hue and I have one fingernail that is really black. I will have to paint my nails to cover it!!! I wonder if it is cheaper to have just the roots done…I might have to consider going to the salon!!!

  2. I’ve been having my hair bleached for so long I have no idea if there is any grey there, or what colour it actually is these days, sort of blonde mouse I think, I do get it done professionally though, it’s one of my few

    perhaps next time you should line the bathroom with newspaper and wrap yourself in cling film..

    • I keep saying I will get it done professionally but it’s the upkeep. It wouldn’t be so bad if I went for a light colour I suppose but that would really not suit me!!!

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