What I love #2


Today I went on a training day, all about physical health monitoring, something I need to do in my work from time to time.

Anyway, I have a fair idea about various aspects of physical health, being an expert in hypochondria and various real medical procedures and illnesses.

But today I really did learn some new things. I learned how to take somebody’s blood pressure the old-fashioned way, with a sphygthingmometer and a stethoscope, and I learned just what all those things the doctor ticks when you get sent for a blood test mean.  I also found out LOADS about other stuff too that I didn’t know before.

So, this being LOVE month, if you recall, and having already written one post about what I love, the second thing I have decided I love is learning new things, whether it be how to dance burlesque style, the Italian language, or what your liver does.  I just love to find stuff out and stretch my brain cells.

I vowed I would never do another academic course as long as I lived after I finished the last one in 2011.

But I’ve decided

I want to be a nurse now.

Then again.  I wouldn’t have time to dance or practise my Italian, let alone have a social life.  Or work.

So maybe I’ll just forget that idea and think of something less intense.

Perhaps I’ll just blog more!

2 thoughts on “What I love #2

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