Fuzzy Eyes


I am having trouble focusing this morning.  I mean,literally, focusing.  Everything is a little bit blurry.   I sometimes find that my eyes take a bit longer to wake up than the rest of me but this is much worse than usual.  I have cleaned my reading glasses at least three times in an effort to clear my vision but to no avail.

I can only surmise, therefore, that the problem lies with my sight.

I have fuzzy eyes…..

2 thoughts on “Fuzzy Eyes

    • Yes. i think my glasses must be scratched, even though I can’t see anything. Or maybe my eyes just took longer to wake up today. What I do know is that I have now attracted the vision people and I’ll get loads of hits from companies wanting to sell me contact lenses!! Aargh! It’s bad enough with the stationery groupies following me around! ha ha

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