There’s no accounting for taste…..


I just had to share this as it constantly amuses me to see what people have typed in their search engine to end up at my blog:

This is a list of last weeks searches (the number of times the search term was used is in brackets):

stationery  (30)

fish and chips  (12)

high heels walking (3)

snoopy picture

gym (2)

books and stationery (2)

stationery items

beholder with glasses

snoopy driving

project 365


365 project

traditional england food

office stationeries

stationary item

fish & chips



cheeseaholics anonymous

fish & chips images

stationery items

images with name

italy knitting blog

i gave up smoking

I have blogged about these topics or included images in one form or another but it is still WEIRD how many stationery hunters there are out there….and ‘beholder with glasses’?  What’s that all about?  We won’t even go down the ‘high heels’ route….actually this week’s search terms are pretty tame compared with some!

Suffice to say I expect many of these searchers are mightily disappointed when they arrive at my blog!


9 thoughts on “There’s no accounting for taste…..

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    • Ah…..I wondered. This is one thing I find very difficult still on here….linking. It is very complicated to a non-technical person!

      Ooh, I have just checked your link. That is horrid!! I see what you mean, how sick some people are!

  2. My top search topic is “sandals and pantyhose” – which makes me an old lady for sure. My own post on the subject has been incubating for a while now. I’ll give your post a mention if I finally get around to it.

    • Well, I wasn’t sure whether to blog about this or not. I didn’t know if it would just be a bit boring. But it seems, amongst fellow WordPressers at least, I am not alone! I look forward to your post!

      I’m tempted to do an ‘experimental’ post to see what I can attract……

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