I hate my car


WARNING!  This is not going to be an inspirational, motivational post – it is a RANT so, if you want to look away, now is your chance!!

I’m just waiting while the AA man tries to find out what is wrong with my stupid car.  Again.  It seems to be one thing after another with it, always battery related but never specific….

I won’t bore you with the details, I just wanted to say that it is not the best way to start your Monday morning.  I have to admit, I kicked the car this time.  My foot seems to have come off worse than the car though…..

I have a HUGE temper when it comes to inanimate objects (and my car can be considered inanimate because it won’t go at the moment).  Computers, phones, fiddly things that break all incur my wrath if they don’t behave as they should.  I think it is because I just can’t reason with them. Or even argue.  There is nothing to be done when something stops working except try to fix it.

Or throw it.

But the car is too big to throw.  Even the kick didn’t hurt it.

So, I’m waiting while the nice AA man tries to diagnose the fault…..

On a positive note (see, I always manage to find one!), I’m sitting here on the PC in my nice, warm house with a nice, hot cup of tea, instead of my horrid cold office….

I probably need to get a new car.

6 thoughts on “I hate my car

    • I have a boyfriend of my daughter’s who is brilliant with cars. But at 8.30am when I need to go to work and I need my car to start NOW, only the AA will do!

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