The Seven Second Stare


A friend of mine is having trouble with men.  Well, the main trouble is she doesn’t have one.  For a date I mean, not for general purposes….

She is beginning to despair and says her flirting techniques are responsible for her lack of success

So, ever the helpful friend, I suggested she tries the old ‘seven second stare’ trick

Now, I can’t remember who came up with this theory, a psychologist somewhere, but the idea is that if you can hold someone’s gaze for seven seconds, you’ve got them.  When I say ‘got them’ I mean, you have made a connection and it is much more likely that the encounter will go further.  In other words – you’ve pulled

It is actually quite difficult to maintain eye contact with someone for that long – try it – but the theory says, if you are attracted to someone and they you, and you do the seven second stare, you will pull (or something like that, I can’t remember the exact rules).  Anyway, basically, seven seconds is the critical time period for attracting a member of the opposite sex (or same sex if you are that way inclined)

A  few words of warning for those of you wishing to try this though

DON’T STARE. There is a profound difference between GAZING at someone and STARING.  If they don’t return your gaze after seven seconds, give up.  Otherwise you are liable to be arrested for harassment or stalking

DON’T do this when drunk.  It is rather difficult to focus so you may well end up cross-eyed.  Not an attractive look….

DON’T do this to people you don’t fancy.   That awkward moment when you have to tell them you thought they were someone else is not one you want to experience

However, if you choose your ‘target’ carefully, follow the rules and do the seven second stare, you will have a date in no time

Trust me

It really works!!!

Go on – try it!!!  You know you want to now!!!

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