The contents of my handbag…..


I was rummaging around for something (again) in my handbag yesterday when it occurred to me that it probably isn’t like your average girlie handbag…..

Yes, it is impossible to find anything in there, so in that respect it is similar

And yes, there is the obligatory lipstick (three in fact) and a blusher in one of the side pockets – and of course my purse – but, apart from that, it is unusual for a ladybag

In fact, it is more like the inside of Curry’s (electrical store for those who may not know)

1. Digital camera (pink) – ready for those spontaneous photo shoots

2. iTouch – in case I have to hang around somewhere and need to play Angry Birds

3. Dictaphone – for all my random thoughts

4. Work mobile – for work, obviously

5. Personal mobile – err, for personal use

Then we have the collection of ART equipment, in case I see a view that NEEDS to be sketched immediately – sketch book, pens, a range of pencils and an eraser

I also have the ‘BAG WITHIN A BAG’ in there.   An ingenious little device, designed so that the contents of your bag are always neatly organised in whatever bag you are using – the idea being you simply transfer everything from one big bag to another as it is neatly packed into the ‘bag within a bag’

Since I can never be arsed to rummage through my bag cupboard (too painful, it’s where the gorgeous, sparkly high heels I can never wear live – I can’t look at them, it makes me sad) and the contents of the ‘bag within a bag’ have spilled out into the BIG HANDBAG, it is really not doing its job too well

The pink Filofax also takes up a fair bit of room but is obviously essential and then there are the THREE pairs of glasses I have to carry with me – one pair for driving, one for reading and a snazzy pair of prescription sunglasses in case the sun should ever come out while I am driving along, which it has only done twice so far this year since I got them, by the way!!!

Add an assortment of leaflets, tissues, receipts, some Gaviscon, a drug-testing kit, my ID badge and some boiled sweets and there you have it

My handbag……

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