All or Nothing……


Tonight I ticked off the last thing on my ‘To Do’ List

# 10 on my list was ‘join a Boot Camp and get super-fit. (I now have four left on the list to do!)

Now, I must admit, when I wrote the list I was on a bit of a high.  I had just finished my dissertation and a general feeling of well being and elation had enveloped me.

I felt free, relieved and full of new ideas.   Including the Boot Camp one

This wasn’t a totally random idea, however.   A couple of weeks ago I held a small party at mine and a friend told me about this course that was due to start in September.  It sounded just what I needed.  Vigorous exercise three times a week.  She said it was fun and that I would love it…..after a few glasses of wine it sounded like a FABULOUS idea. I agreed to do it with her

In the cold light of day, I wasn’t so sure but I decided I would give it a go

So, there I was tonight, bottle of water in hand and with a determined attitude

Less than half way through, my determined attitude had been replaced by one of defeat.   I had to stop.  It was when I started to feel faint and dizzy and as though I was about to be sick that I decided enough was enough

I spent the rest of the hour drifting in and out of consciousness (ok, I exaggerate – I sat on the bench feeling a bit odd)

I really think there should be a law preventing 52 year old women who don’t normally walk farther than their car from embarking on this sort of exercise…..

It’s my own fault.  I should have remembered that I have done absolutely NOTHING for six months, since I had surgery.  This was my first attempt at ANY exercise at all (apart from one game of badminton a couple of weeks ago, which near enough killed me too)

I’m NOT fit and I’m NOT very young.  I should have thought of all that when I was trying to keep up with everyone

I just can’t do things half heartedly

I’m going again tomorrow anyway.  I’ve signed up now, and paid, so  I WILL finish the course!!

Tomorrow is boxing training

Expect another story (if I survive)

8 thoughts on “All or Nothing……

    • I think the words ‘if I don’t kill myself’ are particularly significant. I’m booked in for half nine tomorrow morning. If I don’t report back, you know I failed!!!

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