Do NOT touch my buttons!


NEVER let your friends tinker with your gadgets

Today, I was explaining the world of blogging to a friend of mine. It fell on deaf ears I have to say. She doesn’t read blogs, she doesn’t even FACEBOOK!

She is one of those ‘I’m not very interested in the internet’ type of people


Anyway, I showed her the inspiration for my posts. Well, the gadget that captures my inspirational thoughts, to be more accurate.

My little Sony dictaphone

It’s a neat little thing, nice and small, easy to operate and great for storing just about everything I would otherwise forget. I use it a lot, not just to blog, but to remind myself of things I need to do. I find I have of most of my ideas whilst driving – I do a lot of driving – and my dictaphone is always there, on the passenger seat, ready to capture my flash of inspiration or to record that I need to phone someone or something

Anyway, I showed her my little gadget and she was most impressed. I left her to fiddle with it for a moment – a MOMENT, that’s all. I was distracted. She handed it back and said it was an amazing little gadget and that was that…….

I’ve just gone to switch it on and retrieve my gems of wisdom

And they’ve all gone

She’s only gone and bloody well wiped the lot off!!!!!

Now, if I were a suspicious-minded person, I’d say she’s nicked my ideas and plans to take over the blog world

As it is, I think she accidentally pressed a button

And erased the lot

They were such BRILLIANT thoughts as well – and now the world will never know

Ho hum

Now I have to start ALL over again


I was just fiddling with my gadget and found all my ramblings. I forgot I had ‘folders’ on this bloody ridiculously COMPLICATED little thing!!

How embarrassing

4 thoughts on “Do NOT touch my buttons!

  1. Years ago, when we were still using floppy disks, one of my disks got corrupted. I just know the most brilliant writing of my life was on that disk. But I can’t remember any of it.

    • Wow, I’d forgotten all about floppy disks!! I once lost a great story I saved on one….it didn’t get corrupted, I just lost the disk. It was most definitely Pullitzer Prize material….

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