Pictures of Essex


I just happened upon a lovely blog while browsing ‘freshly pressed’

Japanese Photolog

There are some beautiful photos there

I love taking pictures of nature

Trouble is, we don’t have  the stunning views that Japan has, here in Essex

But we do actually have some very pretty scenery

So I will be taking some photos with my brand new camera very soon! 

* By the way, I didn’t take this pic!!

10 thoughts on “Pictures of Essex

    • Hello AB! 🙂

      Let me just say this isn’t my photo first of all. But my new camera is a LUMIX by Panasonic (do I have to tell you more, because that means I have to go and get it and check!)

    • Eek, I feel such a fraud now! I didn’t take this photo, this was just to illustrate that Essex is maybe not as picturesque as Japan! But I do want to experiment with black and white – I agree, it can add a quality to photos that colour doesn’t have.

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