Hey, wait a minute, Mr Postman!


Whilst lying there awake, at 5 o’clock this morning (like you do) I started thinking about postage costs…..

POSTAGE COSTS??!!  I mean, I ask you…what sort of a topic is THAT to get all insomniac about???

Anyway, whatever the reason, and I can’t remember why now, I do know that, here in the UK, they have right royally mucked up our postage system.

It used to be that you had a first class stamp if you wanted something to be posted quickly and a second class stamp if you could wait a few days…..for heavier post, you just took it to the post office and they told you how much to pay…..

And then they changed it. 

Now, you have to MEASURE your letter.  The cost all depends on the length, width and breadth of your post.  I can’t even tell you what size costs how much now, I’d need to visit the website, but it has suddenly become extremely complicated to post a letter!!!

I haven’t a clue what the value of a first class stamp is now, because they don’t tell you anymore, it just says ‘1st’ on it.

It wouldn’t be so bad if first still meant FIRST.  Usually, it means ‘whenever we feel like it’  and ‘you might or might not get your post delivered on the day you hope you will’…..you need to post something way in advance to make sure it arrives on time now.

So, basically, to post a large letter, you need to do some mathematical calculations to work out whether you have a LETTER, a LARGE letter, or a PACKET, use more than one of your 1st class stamps that have no price on them, because you aren’t really sure how much it will cost, and hope that your letter arrives before the date you wanted it to be wherever you are sending it…………..brilliant system, eh????

Anyway, I don’t remember what started that train of thought off at all

But I suppose it beats worrying about my dissertation!

4 thoughts on “Hey, wait a minute, Mr Postman!

  1. The nice thing about stamps not having the actual price on them means that if you find a book of stamps tucked away from when you bought a load last Christmas, if the postage has gone up, it doesn’t matter because it says 1st on it..

    If in doubt I usually put 2 first class stamps on and hope for the best..

    • Yes but that’s just it. It might not COST two first class stamps-worth. We may be being diddled out of 3p or something!!! I agree about not having a price on them though, we can cheat the system, yeaaaaaa

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