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I HAVE to restrain myself….I have a very short space of time in which to submit my masters thesis….10,000 words minimum by the end of August.  I have done about 2,400 at last count……

I work full-time in a challenging role so no time to do it during work hours.  I am confined to evenings and weekends and there ain’t many left!!! It’s ok, it will happen and I am not complaining, it’s actually quite interesting…

I just can’t throw myself in to blogging on this site and making my blog look all gorgeous and interesting just yet.  The blogging bit isn’t too hard, as I’ve been blogging for years, but the technicalities of the site are a very new challenge for me – a very exciting one I have to say.  I also feel that I will be able to blog about a much wider range of topics here than where I was before and I have SO many ideas!!! 

 I don’t think I’ve felt this inspired to take up something new since, ooooh, the last time I took up something new (I expect I will blog about my hobbies at some point).

I just have to resist the urge to get too caught up in it all for a couple more weeks or I am not going to give this thesis my all….

It’s a bit like getting a birthday present early and being told you can’t unwrap it until the actual day!

Something to look forward to!!!!

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