Curse you, World Wide Web


What did I do before the internet came into my life?  I spend hours every day online, whether it be for work, for research or just for pleasure.  I log in first thing every morning and I am never far away from the rest of the world from then on.

I get annoyed if a page won’t load in a nano-second, I swear at error messages and I spend hours and hours looking at stuff that really doesn’t need to be looked at….

Social networking has gripped me.  I Facebook mercilessly, I have three Twitter accounts and I have had profiles on too many sites to mention over the years.  I am sure there is a trail of ME that is taking up half the space online!

I LOVE the internet

If it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to do my studying from home.   I would have to traipse into London on the tube and sit in a library and read BOOKS or order papers from the counter and then wait ages for them to arrive….I’d have to remember to take the books back when I loaned them or face a fine and I would most definitely not have access to the wealth of information I am privileged to now…..

I would still have to go to the SHOPS to buy stuff instead of sitting in the comfort of my computer chair and browsing sites from all over the world, selling anything and everything you could possibly wish for

I wouldn’t have found old friends nor would I have been able to share news about myself so quickly…..

I would not have been blogging

Then again

I wouldn’t have a houseful of stuff I don’t need, simply because it was there, at the click of a button…….

I would have made myself a hand-embroidered quilt by now.  Or learned how to speak Italian.  Or finished any one of the many other projects I started years ago, before the internet was invented

I would go to the gym


I HATE the internet

I guess it’s a love-hate thing if I’m honest.   But I think, on balance, I love it more than  I hate it

So I won’t be giving it up just yet

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